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What is Cladding

Blackpool and Lytham Redline upvc cladding & benefits

upvc Cladding must be maintained if it is to retain its looks and a home’s value. Used to protect walls and keep them watertight, preventing moisture from accessing the fabric of a building, which can be extremely damaging.

Redline upvc cladding is widely used to replace traditional timber cladding.

Blackpool and Lytham Redline uPVC cladding can completely transform a property, enhancing its appearance and providing a cost-effective low maintenance option. Blackpool and Lytham Redline uPVC cladding. Cladding is available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, including Shiplap, Open V, feather edge and Herringbone.

The main benefits of Blackpool and Lytham Redline uPVC cladding are:

  • Helps improve a home’s insulation
  • Spruces up and modernizes a property
  • Minimal maintenance, just needs an occasional clean with soap and water
  • Looks good
  • Removes the need for time consuming maintenance such as painting
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